Classic Car Insurance in Washington

Washington residents who own classic cars need the necessary insurance. While there are some classic car owners in the Spokane Valley, WA region who do not believe that this form of insurance is required, it is crucial.

Whether you are someone with a classic Ferrari collection or you are looking to protect the old Mustang you've restored, there are questions that must be asked. The time has come for us to take a closer look.

Does My Vehicle Qualify?

Antique cars, vintage military vehicles, older trucks, muscle cars, exotic vehicles, and modified vehicles all tend to qualify. Once this determination has been made, there are also limited use requirements, proper driver requirements, and secure storage requirements that have to be met. Both sets of conditions need to be met before classic car insurance is a necessary purchase.

What Coverage Is Offered?

In most respects, Washington's classic car insurance policies are not going to differ from the average auto insurance policy. They are required by law. While the two forms of coverage are primarily the same, there is one significant difference that needs to be discussed.

If there is a total loss, the classic car insurance payout is different. The car's depreciated value is paid out in full. This is also known as the actual cash value. Be sure to ask about any additional specialty coverage that may suit your needs as well.

Will The Policy Ever Need To Be Altered?

This depends on the amount of work that needs to be done and if the car increases in value. Inflation guard protection keeps the policyholder safe if they expect the vehicle's worth to increase.

There are also specific policies regarding spare parts and restoration. These policies offer coverage in case expensive spare parts have been stolen and will reflect the increased level of value during a restoration process.

Do you have any additional thoughts or concerns about classic car insurance? If so, Capital Insurance is here to help all Spokane Valley, WA residents with any questions that they may have. Contact our office to get started with a quote.