Umbrella Insurance in Washington

Washington residents are active people. We volunteer for our churches and local charities. We coach little league sports teams. We may even sell craft items at local flea markets and craft fairs. Do you participate in extreme sports or hunting? While all of these activities help to keep life interesting, they can also leave you vulnerable to a liability lawsuit. Who pays if someone is injured while you are driving for your church or charity? What happens if someone should be injured tripping on your table skirting at a craft fair? Would you be liable if you run into someone accidentally on the ski slope and injure them?

In most cases, these kinds of incidents are not covered by your standard auto or homeowner's policies. That's where an umbrella insurance policy can help.

What is an umbrella insurance policy?

An Umbrella insurance policy in Washington helps to protect you and your family from the costs and potential financial hardship associated with a liability lawsuit that stems from activities outside of your home or office. One policy covers you in a myriad of situations; you don't need to purchase a separate policy for your craft fairs and another for your volunteer work. If you add a new activity, that will most likely be covered also. This type of insurance provides funds to help settle or, at last resort, defend a liability lawsuit, helping you protect your assets and your family's security. Many umbrella policies also help protect you against losses associated with accusations of libel, slander, and invasion of privacy lawsuits.

To learn more about protecting your finances and your Washington family from losses related to liability lawsuits with an umbrella insurance policy, contact Capital Insurance in Spokane Valley, WA. We've been helping Spokane Valley, WA residents with their insurance needs for more than 10 years.