RV Insurance in Washington

As the warmer weather starts to approach and the campgrounds start to open after a cold winter, you may be getting ready to get your RV ready for vacation. Before you explore the Washington countryside and neighboring states, take advantage of RV insurance to protect your trip.

Dwelling Coverage

When you pull your RV into the campground, you are setting it up for lodging and will probably be driving your personal vehicle for transportation for the duration of the vacation. While your RV is being used as a dwelling, RV insurance will protect it from damages and theft that can happen within a campsite. Unfortunately, regular auto insurance on your RV may not cover these costs while it was not being used as an automobile.

Liability Coverage

Whether you are on the highway and cause an accident or in a private campground, you will have liability coverage to protect you against responsible costs. Without RV insurance, you could face financial stress by having to cover these costs and responsibilities on your own and on vacation no less.

Property Protection

Unlike an automobile, your RV will carry personal items that are much more valuable. From electronics to jewelry and furniture, having property protection will allow you to replace items that are damaged and stolen in the event of an accident or theft.

Additional Coverage

With your RV insurance, we can add additional features such as storage insurance and full-time RV coverage for our clients who enjoy traveling around the continental United States. These options are not available with a regular automobile policy and should really be considered for those who use their RVs regularly.

Get Your Policy Today

Those living in Spokane Valley, WA, or nearby areas of Washington, we want to hear from you. Whether you are looking to pursue a family vacation or spend half of the year on the open road, consider making the change to RV insurance this year. Our agents at Capital Insurance in Spokane Valley, WA are ready to speak with you about your RV needs and draft the policy that is right for you.