What Steps Do I Take If My Business Experiences Storm Damage?

Storms are unpredictable. While you may know they are coming, you don’t know what type of damage they can cause until the storm has passed and you are left to assess the damage. The agents of Capital Insurance serve local businesses in the Spokane, WA area. It’s important that you review your commercial policy every few years. You should also be communicating with your insurance agent to make sure that your existing coverage is sufficient.

Secure Your Building

In the event that your business does receive some type of storm damage, you will have to make sure your business is secured. This may include placing a tarp over roof damage or putting boards over broken windows. You should also check your security system and replace any cameras that may have been damaged.

Call Your Insurance Agent Immediately

While you are securing your property, you need to be in contact with your insurance agent. Once you call them, they can send out an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage and provide you with the information you need to file your claim. 

Assess the Damage

While the adjuster will assess the damage for the insurance company, you will also need to do an assessment. You will need to evaluate the damage and use that information to rebuild or make repairs. Is there something you want to add or change? This is the time to do it.

The agents of Capital Insurance work hand in hand with business owners in Spokane, WA to help them get their business repaired and the doors open. Don’t wait until you have storm damage to discuss your options with your insurance agent. Set up an appointment today so you can get the information you need before any storm damage occurs.