Four reasons why it’s important to have classic car insurance

Owners of classic cars in Spokane, WA should carry an appropriate insurance policy. Capital Insurance can provide you with a classic car insurance policy that meets your unique insurance needs.

The following are four reasons why it’s important to have classic car insurance:

Owning a classic car is different from owning a regular vehicle. 

Your insurance needs aren’t the same with a classic car as they are with a regular vehicle. A classic car insurance policy is customized for the unique insurance needs of classic car owners. 

You need to protect the value of your classic car.

Classic cars are generally worth more than regular vehicles. You need more collision and comprehensive coverage to cover the full value of a classic car. Fortunately, a classic car insurance policy can protect your classic car up to its full value. 

You are required by law to insure your classic car if you take it out on public roads.

You must have some type of car insurance to legally drive your classic car on public roads. A classic car insurance policy will meet the state-mandated liability coverage requirements for you. 

Classic car insurance can take into account the time your classic car is in storage.

A lot of classic car owners don’t drive their classic cars during the winter months. Instead, they keep their vehicle in storage during this time. A classic car insurance policy can be designed to take into account the reduced usage of the insured vehicle during times of the year when the vehicle is in storage. 

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