Do You Really Need Flood Insurance? Yes!

Many homeowners wonder whether it’s really necessary to get flood insurance. Do you need it for your home? The answer is always yes! A flood insurance policy is essential to protecting your home and belongings. These policies are important because flood waters are so damaging to structures, and Washington gets an enormous amount of rain. Flooding can happen anywhere, and you need this coverage for your own protection. To find out more about it, call us at Capital Insurance in Spokane, WA.

Floods and Home Insurance

One of the reasons that so many people don’t get a flood policy is that they think floods are covered under their regular home insurance. However, this isn’t true. Virtually all home policies exclude any flooding damage from their coverage. That’s why you need both a home policy and a flood policy. With both, you’re fully protected against many of the disasters that can cause so much damage to a home. 

Living Outside Flood Zones

Another common misnomer is that you only need to get flood insurance if your home is inside a designated flood zone. While it’s important to have flood insurance if you live in one of these zones, you also have a good chance of flooding if you don’t live in one. Twenty percent of the flood claims handled by insurance come from outside designated flood zones. Just because you’re outside a flood zone doesn’t mean that devastating flooding can’t happen in your area. Often, flooding isn’t expected and couldn’t have been foreseen. It would be best if you were protected against that possibility. 

Get Your Flood Insurance Policy

You need one of these policies to protect yourself. To get started with one, call Capital Insurance in Spokane, WA, today.