Alternative Drivers and Motorcycle Coverage

When you have a motorcycle, you’ll inevitably be asked for a ride. Some bold adventurers might even want to take a turn at the helm. At Capital Insurance serving Spokane, WA, we understand the joy of riding and how good it feels to share it. Before you let anyone operate your motorcycle, you should check your insurance policy to see if it covers alternative drivers.

Who Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

Insurance companies limit who is covered to manage risk. For most motorcycle policies, there is an insured who receives insurance protection while driving. The company can assess the driver’s risk by checking factors like their driving record. To reduce the premium for customers, minimum liability policies are unlikely to cover anyone else. Each additional driver adds a new background to check, and an open driver policy has the widest level of risk. The companies may offer policies to cover the enhanced risk, but the costs will increase.

There are cases where a person or business will want many people to be covered. You may have a spouse who regularly rides your bike or a teen who is learning how to drive. A company may need to allow any number of different riders to operate the motorcycle without a lapse in coverage. A good insurance agent should have guided you towards a policy with multiple rider coverage if necessary. If not, you have been left with financial vulnerability.

Switch to a Policy that Covers Your Needs

If your policy doesn’t cover multiple riders, you can switch to one that better suits your needs. Capital Insurance of Spokane, WA can cut through the legalese to present your options in a way that’s easy to understand and easier to implement.