Tips to improve your gas mileage

If you’d like to save money and the environment here in the Spokane, WA area, we at Capital Insurance have a few tips to help improve your gas mileage.

Tips to improve your gas mileage

1. Drive Sensibly

Avoid aggressive acceleration and braking, as it can lower your fuel efficiency by 33%. Keeping a steady speed on the highway will also help you save money at the pump.

2. Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Properly inflated tires improve your vehicle’s performance and help you conserve fuel. Check your tire pressure regularly and keep them within the recommended range for best gas mileage. 

3. Use Cruise Control

Setting your cruise control is another way to maintain a steady speed while driving on the highway, which helps you get better gas mileage. 

4. Lighten Your Load

 The more weight in your car, the harder it is for your engine to work, thus reducing fuel efficiency. So if you don’t need an item, leave it behind or store it somewhere else! 

5. Reduce Air Conditioning Usage

As much as we all enjoy a nice cool breeze in our car when driving during hot summer days, keep in mind that using too much air conditioning reduces fuel efficiency since it requires extra power from the engine to run. Try rolling down windows when conditions allow to reduce drag on your vehicle and possibly improve gas mileage by up to 10%. 

6. Limit Idling Time

 Letting your vehicle idle uses up gasoline without actually going anywhere; try limiting idling time whenever possible such as when picking someone up or waiting in line at a drive-thru window.

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