How to Protect Your Most Important Assets from Theft, Vandalism, Natural Disasters, and Water Damage

The vibrant city of Spokane, WA is known for its natural beauty, urban charm, and sense of tranquility that come along with living in this town. However, unpleasant incidents like home invasions, burglaries, thefts, and structural damage caused by natural disasters are also a reality. 

Learn how to protect the most important assets in your life from the experts at Capital Insurance. 

How to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets with Umbrella Insurance in Spokane

Most local homeowners have a comprehensive home insurance policy that covers their home for disaster-related events and repairs. The same is true for local motorists who choose comprehensive auto insurance to offset the costs and expenses associated with collision and non-collision-related auto accidents. 

Homeowners, motorists, and small business owners who reach their insurance coverage maximums may find themselves shouldering the remainder of the costs associated with auto accidents, property damage, and liability insurance claims. 

Safeguard Your Assets with Umbrella Insurance 

The knowledgeable insurance professionals at Capital Insurance in Spokane, WA, help local residents secure their most prized possessions by extending the coverages of existing home and auto insurance policies by adding umbrella insurance. 

What is Umbrella Insurance, and Why Do I Need It?

Umbrella insurance is a special add-on coverage that kicks in where comprehensive home insurance and auto insurance policies end. A trusted and knowledgeable insurance agent can explain the benefits of adding umbrella insurance to existing policies for a total insurance solution. 

Please don’t wait until the unexpected happens and you find yourself strapped with additional costs related to an insurance claim. Reach out to the licensed insurance professionals at Capital Insurance in Spokane and extend your coverage today! 

Home Insurance: 5 Ways To Lower Your Premium

If you want to lower your home insurance premium, you can shop around and compare different policies. You can also consider raising the amount of liability insurance you have if you want to decrease the overall cost of your policy. 

For example, if you have a policy that offers coverage for a certain amount of jewelry, you should be sure to declare any expensive pieces you own. Doing so will help decrease your potential liability if they are lost or stolen and will likely reduce your policy’s overall cost. For expert advice, give us a call at Capital Insurance in Spokane, WA.  

Research and Become Innovative 

Even if your house is currently covered, staying on top of the latest home insurance trends doesn’t hurt. If you have insurance, it’s important to stay on top of any changes. Many providers offer a grace period where you can switch plans without incurring a lapse in coverage. 

Home insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. By shopping around and selecting the right policy, you can save money. Stay with the same insurer if you have a multi-policy discount. To reduce your premium, make your home more energy-efficient. Reduce your home insurance premium with these five methods: 

  • Boost the deductible
  • Look for discounts
  • Eliminate unnecessary coverage
  • Remove old structures
  • Bundle your policies

You can reduce the premium by adding a safety system. Some systems, like a fire alarm, come with a discount. Others may be eligible for a discount if you install them. To lower your premium over time, consider upgrading your policy from HO-1 to HO-3, increasing your deductible from HO-1 to HO-2, and installing a security system are just a few ways to lower your premium over time. Upgrading your policy to HO-3 will give you a higher limit on your policy’s liability coverage. You will lower your premium when you increase your policy’s deductible from HO-1 to HO-2. Installing a security system will also lower your premium over time. 

Give Us A Call

When shopping, get the best policy for your needs. You can reduce the likelihood of claim denial by keeping your policy up to date. Use documentation of any improvements to your home, such as renovations or a newly installed security system. Call Capital Insurance in Spokane, WA and we’ll be happy to serve you.

3 Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

The agents of Capital Insurance often have to process claims having to do with house fires in Spokane, WA. Many of these claims could have been avoided if the homeowner would have taken simple precautions and reduced their fire hazard risk. A few simple tips can save your home from devastating loss and keep your family safe and secure.

Avoid Using Extension Cords

Too many extension cords can overload your outlets, causing them to overheat and start a fire. Keep their use to a minimum and only use them when absolutely necessary. The same is true for surge protectors or strips. 

Don’t Leave Your Stove Unattended

It only takes a few seconds for a pot to boil over a pan to splash hot grease onto the stove. This can lead to a flash fire that can be extremely difficult to put out. Don’t risk losing your home to an unexpected fire.

Don’t Run Cords Under Rugs or Furniture

Running cords under rugs and furniture can cause them to fray. Bare wires are extremely dangerous and pose not only a fire hazard, but can also shock you as well. Place items that need to be plugged in as close to an outlet as possible. If you need to use an extension cord, run it along the wall so it can remain out in the open. 

In Spokane, WA, the agents of Capital Insurance can assist homeowners in keeping their risk of a house fire low. Paying attention and knowing what causes risk are important factors. If you would like to speak to an agent or have your current homeowners’ policy reviewed, call and set up a meeting with an agent today.