Is Auto Insurance Mandatory in Washington?

According to the Insurance Research Council in Washington, it reveals that 17% of drivers don’t possess auto insurance. These worrying statistics warrant significant auto insurance from Capital Insurance serving Spokane, WA and its environs to safeguard you and your car. Procuring salient insurance coverage from a reputable insurer is required to register your vehicle and get a license to allow you to drive your vehicle in Washington. Visit us today at Capital Insurance in Spokane, WA and our charismatic agents can show you coverage options to select one that is right for your goals and budget.

Is auto insurance mandatory in Washington?

 Washington’s law demands motorists to maintain minimum liability requirements in their auto insurance policies. Washington advocates the following liability coverage minimums:

  • Bodily injury liability.
  • Property damage liability.

The advocated auto insurance minimums by the state of Washington may not be adequate to offer formidable protection to you and your automobile. It’s, therefore, crucial to consider other available optional coverages. They include:

Collision coverage: It pays for repairing or replacing your car when physical damage results from a collision with another vehicle or any other stationary object. It can also protect your vehicle from damage arising from driving over potholes.

Comprehensive coverage: This is non-collision coverage that will reimburse the cost for repairs or replace your car when physical damage arises from imminent incidences such as contact with an animal, fire, and theft, subject to your deductible.

Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage: It helps you, your family member, or your designated driver if you get hit by a motorist who is inadequately covered or doesn’t have coverage.

Medical payment coverage: It caters to your medical and your passenger’s agreeable and necessary medical costs, such as X-rays and medication after an accident, irrespective of who is deemed liable.  

Auto insurance in Spokane, WA

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